Thank You

Throughout the years, smartketi has received such generous support from many different sources. So many people have generously donated their time and effort to our organization. Others have purchased smartbracelets to help us fundraise. Others have donated money to our causes. We have put 100% of any funds towards our "smart" projects. Although we tremendously appreciate each and every type of support, we would like to especially recognize some very special supporters.

Volunteer Spotlight


Clara Munro helped smartketi when it was first formed. She helped develop the logo and helped with many of the initial photographs on the website. She supported our initial smartbracelet project by selling several smartbracelets in the UK.


After spending time in Manthali at both the hospital and smartlibrary, Lois Crabtree, Rosie Stahl and Juno Stahl wanted to help smartketi. They ran the 2017 Birmingham, UK half-marathon and raised over $600 dollars from their friends and family and donated it to smartketi.


Owners of Raj Bhog Foods in Charlotte, Prathana and Rajesh Singh generously sold smartbracelets at their store. They also graciously kept a collection tin for all of smartketi's projects and have been ardent supporters of each and every part of smartketi.


 Sushma Barakoti is the founder of Sunavworld. It is an Atlanta based social enterprise, established in 2013 with a mission to promote sustainable, fairly traded local and global gifts for the socio-economic empowerment of artist and artisans, especially women. This organization has ordered several smartketi bracelets, which are currently being sold in stores and craft fairs in an around Atlanta. Check out this wonderful organization at


After hearing about the smartbracelet project Marcia Sandry wanted to help out. She sold over 70 bracelets at a summer camp at Huntersville Presbyterian Church. She taught a Everest themed camp to 1st to 5th graders, where she taught students about Nepal and its culture.


Kippo Craft Creations, is a handicraft store in Kopundole, Kathmandu. The owner, Sanjeev Maharajan, supports our smartketis by selling smartbracelets. Please visit his store, across Hotel Himalaya, to purchase one to support our projects.