Entrepreneurial Project


Problem: Women lack opportunity for income generation projects

After the success of the initial smartbracelet project, some other villagers were inspired to try to start an income generation project of their own. They self-selected into a group and called their project "smarthosiery."


The idea of smarthosiery

They officially registered with the Cottage and Small Industry Development Board in Kathmandu. Then, they hired a master tailor and underwent a month-long training session to learn how to use a special loom to make a sweater. Their goal was to start a business, to make sweaters to be sold to government school as part of their school uniform.


Local Press

This group was quick to learn how to make the sweaters. Within a few months, they began to sew and created over 200 sweaters. Some sweaters were sold locally at the school as part of the school uniform. Others were sold in stores in Kathmandu. 

The group also decided to make a cardigan version to sell to women in the local market.

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