The concept of the "smart" project

For every project, smartketi strives to for innovation, accountability and sustainability. When a certain projects meets these criteria, it gives it the label, "smart." Smartketi has also pursued several other projects. Although these projects did not meet the strict "smart" label,  they did help the local community, in general.

Donation of Solar Lamps to a School in Bethan


The Need

  Bethan is a small village in the Ramechhap district, but it is much different than Manthali. It is higher in elevation, much cooler than Manthali and much less accessible. The local school was quite small, with a total of just 35 students, often learning in a multi-grade classroom. Electricity, while available, was often times unreliable and sporadic. After spending time in Bethan, it became apparent that many students did not have the chance to study after dark. Seeing this need, smartketi decided to donate 15 Solar Lamps to the students at this school, in an attempt to encourage learning at night.  

Donation of Solar Suitcase


Solar Suitcase

We Care Solar, a US based organization, strives to bring light to places where electricity is scarce. It uses a 'Solar Suitcase,' a compact, all-in-one suitcase that includes solar powered medical lamps, medical equipment and rechargeable batteries, meant to help rural medical facilities.  Generous donor, Jagdish Punjabi, donated funds for one suitcase, while We Care Solar matched its donation. Two 'Solar Suitcases" were donated to Tamakoshi Cooeprative Hospital.