Simona Adhikari

Simona Adhikari is currently a high school student in Charlotte, NC. She first became involved with smartketi in 2014. While visiting Manthali, she came up with the idea to teach young rural women a way to earn money. She selected 24 young women and led a one-day training session where she taught these women how to make a wrap bracelet from local materials. She then set up a system where women could make these bracelets and earn money for their efforts. Simona arranged for the bracelets to be sold in the US and the UK. She called this project 'smartbracelet.' To date, she has raised over $7,000 from the smartbracelet project and continues to promote this income generation project. She has presented her project at various conferences throughout the US. On the side, Simona also manages the social media for smartketi organization.

Original Idea


When Simona was 12, she was very interested in making jewelery. When she found out that she would be traveling to rural Nepal, she came up with an idea that she might teach local women also how to make jewelery.

Talking with the Locals


While in Manthali, Simona noticed the plight of the local women, doing backbreaking work in the rice fields. After interacting with them, she learned of their desire to get involved in an income generating project.

Managing from Afar


Simona coordinated communicating with the girls in Nepal and packing and shipping orders of smartbracelets.



Prudential Spirit of the Community Award

Simona Adhikari was named the North Carolina State Honoree at the 2019 Prudential Spirit of the Community Award for her smartbracelet project. This award is the United States’ largest youth recognition program based exclusively on volunteer community service.

She traveled to Washington DC to receive the award from Academy-Award winning actress, Viola Davis. She participated in community service, presented her project with other state honorees and spoke with alumni of this award, many of whom are still actively involved in their communities.

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Simona Adhikari talks a little about her project with Prudential Spirit of the Community staff