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This one size, fits all wrap bracelet fits all wrist. It wraps around 4-5 times and is completely adjustable. Once you try it on, decide how tight you like to wear the bracelet it and cut off the extra knots. The bracelet features a typical Nepali button. All bracelets are made in Manthali, Nepal.

When you go to the Paypal link, please go ahead and purchase the bracelet. You will receive a personal email, confirming which color you would like.

The colors of our bracelets are constantly changing due to current availability of bead and string in rural Nepal. Below are current colors in stock. If you are interested in more colorful selections, please send us an email at and we'll take a photo of other colors that we may have in stock.

Current Colors

Gold Bead/Black String


Black Bead/Brown String


Black Bead/Blue String